TTI LC & Library







Is located in the ‘heart of town’, our library is easily accessible to students and the public.
Opening hours: School hours from 9am – 5pm, exclude public holidays

TTI Library has:-
American Corner Tongs (ACT)  eLibraryUSA & internet access
Education USA information on postsecondary study in America
Junior Fiction books
Junior Non-Fiction books
Adult Fiction books
Adult Non-Fiction books
Course textbooks
Reference books
Audio books
Teaching study references

ACT and EducationUSA are availablr to public -ACT provides
E-library service is available in the American Corner. Public is welcome to use.
20 computersis available to use by students in their studying and assignments. Internet service is also available.
Photo copy and printing is also available for students and public.
      10 cents per page for a photocopy
      20 cents for a printed copy

Video and DVD player is available for TTI staff for their classes.
TTI Library is available for student’s private studies at anytime they want.

We welcome anyone who wants to come! Please come and visit us!