Ms.Nicole Afeaki

Ms.Nicole Afeaki

Fakafeta’i ‘etau hao mai; koe ‘Eiki ne faka’uli. ‘Ikai tonu ha fakafeangai: ko e ‘ofa pe ‘a e tamai!

Tertiary education also referred to as post-secondary school education. Out of all the tertiary institutes I somehow chose Tupou Tertiary Institute as my third level schooling environment.

My interest in business and office administration convinced me to enroll at TTI.  It was a big decision to make but well worth it. 

Choosing the Business and Office administration was very challenging. I learn so much about people-skills and how to manage different personalities in an office environment. I like the fact that I learned different approach to problem-solving in working settings. The overall quality of education at Tupou Tertiary Institute impresses me!

I am currently employed by the Tonga Ministry of Justice and I can say that the 2 years I spent in TTI doing the Business and Office Administration gave me the advantage on my CVs when applying for the job!

Off-course there were hard and tough times and full of struggles like many roads in our life journeys, but the great thing about TTI is we have pastoral care and spiritual counselors in which we go to anytime for moral encouragements and supports. So THANK YOU TTI. I MADE IT!

Last but not the least, I want to recommend Tupou Tertiary Institute to anyone who wants to pursue post-high school qualifications, be it Certificate or Diplomas in IT, Business, Communication or Teachings. You will gain more than an academic qualification.



23 January 2015