Ms. Sela Uate

Ms. Sela Uate

First of all, I have to thank God for His grace and mercy and for the strengths that has enabled me to complete my study program in TTI. I also want to acknowledge the IT staff at Tupou Tertiary Institute for the help and support and patience over the two years I was at the School.

TTI has friendly experience lecturers with natural teaching skills which made my learning experience a very memorable and enjoyable one. Compared to other private institutes I believe TTI has very good facilities. The computer Lab is very impressive.

TTI has a great environment and good mix of students from different backgrounds. There are students from Catholic High Schools, from LDS high schools, from Government High Schools and other Churches' High Schools.

I enrolled and started in 2010 and graduated in September 2013, with a Diploma in Information and Technology Level 5 and 6.

Technology has always been my passion and the course program at TTI allowed me to study computer software and hardware, study internet applications, learn about web design and animation.

While completing my Diploma in Information and Technology I worked part time as an IT technician for the Academic Division. My work consist of installing and repairing of hardware and operating systems, upgrade or replace components of a PC based on customer needs among others. I am forever grateful that by doing so, I recognized it was theory meets reality.

I have no hesitant in recommending TTI to anyone because I have had the most wonderful experience.


23 January 2015