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Our Services

Not only academic support offered by the Learning Center but also technicality assistance for TTI equipments and student as well. We provide training, repair & maintenance, installations even apply troubleshoot in any course. We do not offer services outside the facility compound no matter what costs. Our services and support are provided and delivered only in TTI compound, staff and students too.

ICT Literacy Training

Students are invited to request for special training on the use of applications that can assist them with Word Processing, Spreasheet and Presentations. Students are required to check at the Learning Centre for sessions and schedules.

Repair & Maintenance

We also provide quality services for student even staff concerning about their desktops and laptops problems. Our dedicated IT Technician can have it fix in no time at a miniumal fee.

Software Installation

Students can request for applications that are available in the computer labs to be installed at home desktop or in your laptop. We do purchase software for school use only.It does apply for anti-virus software.

Photocopying & Printing

Enjoy the following services on our Helpdesk and some are available at Learning Centre: Photocopying, Printing, Laminating, Binding. Scanning & CD/DVD burning.

Computer Labs & Support

TTI has over 100 new computers for the use of all students with wireless connectivity for student use at the Learning Centre. TTI has a student helpdesk to provide on the spot printing and photocopying services to students at a minimum fee.

TTI also provides repair and maintenance of student computers with installation of software and other related services at a very minimal fee.

Student Support

Improve & continue support for Student Learning Services.
Ensure the Learning Centre is well equipped & resources are kept up-to-date.
Establish a Student Opportunity Centre

Provide continued support for the encouragement of education of the whole person – mind, body & spirit.
Continue support for student extra-curricular activities.
Keep up to date with current technologies