TTI Counselling and Wellbeing service

 Ko e ngaue faka-counselling ‘oku talitali lelei ‘aupito ‘a e tokotaha ako kotoa pe, pea oku fofola ai ‘a e fala kae fai a e “Talatalanoa” ki he mahu’inga ‘o e tokotaha ako mo ‘ene fiema’u tokoni ‘i he tapa kotoa ‘o ‘ene mo’ui faka-’atamai, faka-loto, faka-laumalie, faka-sino pea mo faka-sosiale foki.

Counselling is a fairly new idea at TTI, and a central part of the new Student Wellbeing Service. It’s also fairly new in Tonga generally. Many people are a bit confused about what counselling is – is it the same as going to your reverend, chatting to the town officer, asking a teacher, or listening to your parents? Do counsellors tell you what to do, give advice and solve problems for you? Or do they share your concerns with family, friends or other people?

Counselling is a bit different from all these things, and although the counsellor has extensive training and uses some special skills – when you meet a counsellor it will probably feel like you’re having a chat. Counsellors try to really understand what your concern is, no matter how big or small, and try to work with you in finding a solution. They don’t give advice as such but work hard with you to find an answer that will suit you.  They only tell family or friends if they are very worried about your safety.

Counsellors are caring, warm individuals; they are also committed Christians. They know we are all individuals and recognise we are all capable of achieving meaningful and satisfying lives with some support along the way. Counsellors are also tough, they know life can be unfair, challenges and problems can seem overwhelming and it’s sometimes hard to keep going.


Ko e natula ‘o e ngaue ko ‘eni ‘oku kaungafe’ao fakataha ‘a e Counsellor pea mo e tokotaha ako hange ha fakakaukau ‘i he folau tahi pea mo feinga ke kumi ha halafononga lelei taha ke a’usia ‘ e he tokotaha ako ‘ene taumu’a folau.


‘I he ngaue faka-Counselling mo e Student Wellbeing Service ‘e tokoni ki he ngaahi palopalema ‘a e tokotaha ako TTI o kau ai ‘a e ngaahi palopalema pe faingata’a ko ‘eni;

Palopalema fakafamili; palopalema fakaako, puputu’u ‘a e fakakaukau mo e ngaahi palopalema fakaeloto; ngaue’aki ‘o e faito’o konatapu; ongo’i veiveiua pe koe ‘ikai ha taumu’a kihe kaha’u; houtamaki pe fakaaoao; palopalema faka kaungame’a pe fakakaume’a mo ha toe ngaahi palopalema pe ‘e fekuki mo e tokotaha ako.


TTI counselling service is free for staff, students and parents.

To access please contact our counsellor:

‘Atu Pomana

Phone # 28889 (extension 205)

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Referral Form: Click here to view referral form. 

Counsellors are professionally trained and are bound by a professional code of ethics:

NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors) Code of Ethics: A Framework for Ethical Practice and NZCCA (New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association) Code of Ethics and Practice